Sway It The Multi Way - Workout Gear That Can Also Be Your #OOTD!

Sway It The Multi Way - Workout Gear That Can Also Be Your #OOTD!

Too much to do in too little time? Even though disney has our heart, being a real life Cinderella is no less tiring a task. Juggling your work, personal life, social life, mental health while being a productive and collected human being is actually not a piece of cake. While standing at the sidewalk holding a 'You can do it!' signboard seems like a pretty good idea too, we'll stick to imparting an essential life hack - save the time you'd use in changing into and out of different outfit and use the same gear for multiple chores; yes, it is possible! Let us show you how.

Woman wearing Skyria garment.

Yoga pants can be regular pants

    Oh. The. Comfort. Once you substitute your regular bottom wear with yoga pants or joggers, trust us, there is no turning back. The agility, the stretch, the extra functionality! It's like the spring of pants, makes you see how restricted the winter made you feel. *cough* jeans *cough*

    Woman in Skyria Mavis bottom/ Skyria Yoga Pants

    Crop tops all the way

      Thumbs up to crop tops if you're comfortable in those. Kudos to these for look looking great even in your 'less effort' days, and making you look well put together. If not, even your most basic regular gym t-shirt will be a perfect fit for the muted, dressing down days. Again, the coziness, the breeziness is something that cannot be toppled by regular shirts.

      Women in Skyria Kea Crop Top

      Ditch your regular bra already

        Stabbing wires, digging straps and more often than not, spillage and size problems! Sports bras are much more easy to work with, and go with casual outfits really well. Once you get used to how comfortable your bras actually can be, you'll feel like your whole life has been a lie! Reasons why sports bras are a million times better than regular bras make quite a long list, which is why we made an effort to compile it for you! Check out the 10 reasons why sports bra is better than your usual bra.

        Women in Skyria Sports Bra

        Shorts make a great summer outfit

          Even basic black and blue gym shorts make good summer outfits. When you have trendy options like the ones Skyria offers, you could make it your staple without anyone batting an eyelid! Look your best in these body sculpting shorts, and be at your ultimate ease. For what it's worth, we make an effort to play with colours, so there's a section for the fun and bubbly you!

          Woman wearing Skyria Vita Shorts.

          Jackets are casual and breezy

            Bomber jackets can take your outfit game from boring and drab to fabulous in just one second. While a lot of people prefer wearing these during morning jogging sessions and working out outdoors, you don't essentially need to change your outfit if your meeting someone for coffee either. Don't you feel much more mobile and active once you have your sport shoes on? That is exactly the effect that bomber jackets have on your mind as well!

            Woman wearing Skyria Iris Hoodie.

            Go save yourself all the minutes that you can, for the only thing a dime more precious than you, is time passing swiftly in that ticking clock!

            By- Akanksha Mehta

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