10 Reasons Why Sports Bra is Better Than Your Usual Bra

10 Reasons Why Sports Bra is Better Than Your Usual Bra

Clothing must feel like clothing, and not like a cage. Shoo away the uneasiness, and sculpt your dream vision in style with sports bras! No tackiness, bulging, stabbing, or rashes - here are ten reasons why you should ditch your regular bra for a sports bra.

Cut the Wire

Did you get that beautiful, mesh wired bra off an online shopping site but never could wear it for more than three hours? Wires are extremely uncomfortable, and what's worse, they keep stabbing your skin which may develop into a rash or a knot in the future. It is a task to even move in these, let alone be your free, chirpy self!

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No Upgrade 

Finding your perfect size is not that much of a problem in sports bras as these are quite expandable and accommodating. A lot of times, free sizes work for all. For this very reason, your bras don't need constant updation as well, because sports bras don't mind losing or gaining a couple of inches here and there.

 Curvy Women in Sports Bra

Removable padding

Every woman's lingerie collection has probably sucked up half her salary. While there can't be major cut downs, sports bras always come with pads that you can take out according to your convenience. Hence, you don't need to buy padded and non padded bras separately, but only customize what you already have.

Skip the bounce

Unlike regular bras, sports bras are curated specifically for working out, hence they provide extra support and minimize movement. If you use your regular bra to the gym, you are mindfully causing harm to your tissues. An everyday bra could never have the support needed while running, skipping or intense cardio sessions!

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No more moisture

Since sports bras are meant for exercising, and sweating is not an unforeseen event during a workout, these do not feel like damp patches if you experience boob sweat. Sports bras will still feel quite airy and breathable, and will cause no obstruction to your chores. If you're a sister who has a lot of under boob sweat, try replacing your regular bra with sports bra.

Better coverage

It is no secret that sports bras care much more about your modesty! Pick absolutely any sports bra - and it is bound to have better coverage than any of your regular everyday bras. While we do endorse body positivity with all our might, some days just don't feel like a sexy outfit, do they?

 Skyria Soiree Sports Bra with high support and full coveragw


Nowadays you can find sports bras with separate phone and keys pockets. If you're heading to the gym, active wear that has a phone compartment is specially convenient as you don't need to carry a bag for the purpose. Also, the close proximity allows you to plug in to your workout playlist and be extra productive.

Here is one that will serve the purpose really well -

 Skyria Asa Sports Bra with Pocket

No adjustments!

We've all seen women adjusting their bras in utter unease and annoyance, and have done it ourselves at some point too. This is where our hero gets the maximum credit! Sports bras are so comfortable, supportive, and easy to carry that they never need to be adjusted. Being a snug fit around the bust, sports bras do the job really well, and keep all the cons of regular bras at bay!


Skyria will always be the friend that gives you the best advice, and comes up with life hacks to make your fitness journey easier and more fun! Go try substituting your regular bra with an active wear bra for a week, and come back to thank us later.

By- Akanksha Mehta

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