Skyria aims to serve the real, and not reel, women who are working each day to create and live a healthier lifestyle. If you are one of them, you have our heart and soul. So, if you want to fly, we promise to be the wind beneath your wings. Because the essence of Skyria is you. Yes, you; the powerful you and the hesitant you. The talented you and the amateur you. Because for us at Skyria, nothing is as important as YOU.

Our Mission

a step in the future

We started with a goal to contribute and promote fitness amongst women and activewear was our means to achieve it. Since day one, we have strived to build a community #skyriatribe that brings women together for them to motivate and push each other towards their fitness goals. This will definitely remain unshaken throughout our journey. When it comes to clothing, we have not limited ourselves to a set goal. Every woman has a diverse, beautiful, and unique body. This makes our mission a continuous process, instead of a milestone, to know women’s bodies and offer a fit closest to perfection so that nothing comes between them and fitness.

Our story

foundation of skyria

Our story began in the year 2018 when a fitness enthusiast (Akanksha) met a passionate entrepreneur (Rohit).

Akanksha started her fitness journey with dancing and gradually shifted towards yoga, however, her struggles with activewear remained constant. It was extremely difficult for her to find her ideal fit even after being size “M”. Soon, she figured she was not the only one facing this, most of the women juggle between two sizes unable to get that flawless fit. Some experienced discomfort while running while for others the leggings did not have a good grip on their waist.

On the other hand, Rohit is a civil engineer by qualification and a product designer by heart. A person who has always been keen to solve problems and make life simpler for himself and the people around him. With his qualification, came the mindset of setting a strong foundation of everything that comes in his way. With this background, Skyria was established and since then we are striving and succeeding to deliver the most satisfactory and fashionable activewear for women.

“You’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem” - Eldridge Cleaver  


Setting a strong foundation is crucial when you want to deliver the best, hence, we start right at the designing stage by combining the finest raw material to make a comfortable, fashionable, and performing activewear.

In order to deliver an even experience to our customers, we conduct stringent quality checks and try to adapt top-notch technology.

This column is incomplete without mentioning customer feedbacks as they are our compass, they give us direction to be better each day.