At Skyria, quality is the cornerstone of the manufacturing process. We go above and beyond to carefully select top-notch materials for our products. Whether it's breathable fabrics or strong threads, we make sure they not only feel amazing against your skin but also endure the demands of intense workouts.

In our initial days, we used to rely on outsourcing for our manufacturing. However, we quickly recognized that in order to provide you with superior quality and drive innovation, we needed to take control of the entire process ourselves. This led to the establishment of our factory in Faridabad, Haryana. Our unwavering commitment to deliver the best products fuels our determination to go above and beyond.

To ensure that you receive nothing short of excellence, we employ cutting-edge machines that are imported from outside India. This enables us to create outstanding products that exceed your expectations.

We also prioritize sustainability and take steps to minimize waste. We incorporate recycled materials and implement design processes that generate very little leftover fabric, reducing our environmental impact without compromising performance.

Every Skyria garment goes through a meticulous production cycle that follows the highest industry standards. Our dedicated quality control team supervises every step, from pattern making to cutting, stitching, and finishing touches. We believe that paying attention to the smallest details sets us apart. This ensures that every stitch is perfect, every seam is reinforced flawlessly, and every garment reflects exquisite craftsmanship.