I learnt Bharatanatyam for over 18 years and was always active, so never had to worry about my intake or my weight or my strength. But when I discontinued, I obviously started gaining quite a bit of weight. I had also started a new job, so a combination of bad eating and sleeping along with my idleness lead to my weight gain. This didn’t really bother me until one day I had a medical camp at work and tested my blood sugar levels. I was told that I was borderline diabetic and wasn’t too far away from stepping into the other side of the line. I was quiet shocked and realized how my poor choices of lifestyle had actually started affecting my health. 

I didn’t wait for too long after that, I started cardio and cut down carbs and sugar just the way I was advised by a very popular nutritionist. Of course I started loosing a few kilos, but was also not as strong as before, struggled to not over eat and sustain the weight loss. That’s when I was asked to try weight training. I was hesitant, but I took a chance and started lifting and to my surprise, I enjoyed it too much and realized I was also a lot stronger than I thought I was. I used to lift heavier than most people I knew and even started participating in competitions. ⁣

I was so happy for myself, however, was being branded as “bulky and not feminine”, which definitely made me feel bad about the way I looked. ⁣But realized, that people had something to say either way and what really matters is how you want to look. I liked the way I looked and the way I felt. So, I continued to look the way I eat and lift the way I did and trust me, I was never happier.

Even though my goals have changed now and I am back to looking a lot smaller than I used to, I am way more stronger and can  confidently pull a 100kg deadlift with ease. I have never been happier (as always).⁣ I now coach at the place I trained at and love it to bits. I help people of all age groups and my mantra is to help everyone be what they want to be and encourage them towards their goals. Skinny or bulky, I always push them to believe in themselves and that they are going to be successful no matter what