Fitness Simplified : How To Be Healthy Even While Working 12 Hour Shifts!

Fitness Simplified : How To Be Healthy Even While Working 12 Hour Shifts!

Oh those good old pre-awareness and pre-social media days when the only people who were obliged to be fit were fitness counselors! Guilty thought; though quite accurate, eh? While there are 'hacks' for pretty much anything these days, your excuse of not being informed enough or not having enough time because of your busy work schedule is just not working (note the pun)! Nagging aside, Skyria does believe in truly helping you in achieving your fitness goals, no matter how distant they might seem right now.

 If sitting at your desk all day is making you pot bellied and there's no time to hit the gym either, we are here to help you awaken the fitness beast again!

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  • Form a fitness group

If you are a social person, form a group of people who want to get fit. If you are a loner (like the most of us, to be honest) form a group online or just join one on the many platforms present already. By keeping a tab on each other, you achieve your deadlines faster and hence help more people like you do the same! Trust us, it does work. Group studies do have their own benefits, don't they?

Skyria Women Working out together in Skyria Leggings and Sports bra

  • Use the tech.

Now that you have the patch group, download an app to help you stay fit and not diverge from the path. The good thing about most fitness apps is that they keep sending reminders in case you start leaving your goals on 'seen'. The more you see people sharing their stories and achieving those little milestones, you will stay energized and will want to achieve the milestones you set for yourself.

Here's a list to help you out -

tracking steps

  • Snack healthy

The number one public enemy of fitness enthusiasts is the time between lunch and dinner, i.e., the snack time. Now you might have drifted away from your work screen and watched one or two food videos on Instagram, but it is extremely important to hold in your cravings at this time. Breaking it down further - seeing cheese doesn't need to translate into eating cheese.

The solution? Keep healthy snack alternatives with you. Chips can easily be substituted with roasted seeds. Avoid eating white bread and substitute it with the multigrain variant. See? It is actually quite easy!

healthy seeds in snack

  • Step by step

We should never begin new things by making heavy investments. No, do not buy gym membership for the whole year at once. Do not substitute regular meals with salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Little incorporation here and there will go a long way. Whenever you begin a new fitness fad, ask yourself - is this method sustainable? If the answer is no, do not begin it in the first place.

Bowl full of salad

You should begin by substituting your dinner with a wholesome soup or a salad, and then see how your bad body reacts to it. The results should help you figure out how you want to go forward with it.

  • Motivation EMI

So the municipalities are doing their work and there are parks everywhere. Well, make use of it! If you are not motivated enough, try getting new fitness gear. As human beings we do get excited around new stuff, and you probably finally will hit the tracks in your new joggers! Do not buy the whole wardrobe at once since you need your motivation coming in small quantities and at regular intervals. We're you the kid who got all excited to sketch when given new pencils? This one's for you!

Another easy trick could be substituting your work pants with active wear leggings. If you feel active, you'll want to exercise - problem solved.

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You can do this!

By: Akanksha Mehta

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