Everything You Need To Know About Athleisure And Why It’s The Trend To Follow

In recent years Athleisure has become one of the rising trends that everyone, from fitness lovers to celebrities have been diligently following. And there is a definite reason for that – because the combination of fashion and fitness is a match made in heaven.

Skyria athleisure

Initially, sportswear was nothing more than a sturdy set of clothes, designed for durability and comfort and not aesthetic appeal.

Just like fashionable clothing was all about sharp cuts and detailed designs, designed for style and aesthetic appeal – and not always comfortable!

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And then came athleisure and brought a revolution in the world of both fashion and fitness wear. But what is athleisurewear?

Skyria athleisure


Athleisurewear is exactly what the name suggests – athletic wear designed for leisure, for outings, and of course for workouts.

Imagine gym shorts and oversized hoodies, imagine leggings and comfort fit tops – in short, imagine a look that you can effortlessly carry from the gym to a lunch outing.

Skyria athleisure

You may think that it is impossible to look laid back without appearing dishevelled at the same time, but with athleisurewear you can achieve the look.

Just like you can achieve the perfect fit to workout in, while wearing clothes that make you feel well put together as well.

Skyria athleisure

Simply said, it is no longer important for you to compromise on either comfort or style; because with athleisurewear you can achieve them both.

At the heart of it, athleisurewear is a look that shouts power combination. Which is why, layering, minimalism and clean lines are some of the essentials for creating an ideal athleisurewear look.

Skyria athleisure

As an athleisure wear brand, we at Skyria constantly work to ensure that our clothes are more than just ‘good to look at’, though they definitely fit that category.

But for us, it is also important to provide you with clothes that enable a more versatile and comfortable wardrobe – one that you don’t have to modify for your lifestyle, because it already suits it perfectly.

Skyria athleisure


What are you waiting for? Hop on to this trend!

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