Bid Farewell to Bad Health - A List of Ailments Exercising Makes You Dodge!

Hair greying faster than your grandmother? Well in earlier times, the lifestyle that people used to have enabled them to stay healthy and glowing for a much longer period of time. Generation Y[ie, us] has seen the onset of life changing technology, and also life changing diseases - occurring much earlier than it used to in Gen X. Since we now know that bad health is more inevitable than it has ever been, precautions are needed at every point to ensure that we don't give in to these ailments.

Listed below are 5 diseases that are quite detrimental to the human body, but can be avoided to a certain extent or delayed by a larger margin if you take better care of your health.

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  • Heart diseases

Heart diseases are directly linked to an inactive lifestyle and consumption of a large amount of carbohydrates and trans fats. Heart attacks are more likely to happen to people resorting to dumping just anything they find into their system. Eating fast food and processed foods on a regular basis can do you a lot of harm, and there's little turning back from heart diseases. 

A balanced lifestyle comprises some workout at least 4 days a week, a meal that consists of raw or semi raw food, and a colorful salad. If you want recipes for non boring healthy food, here's a video that could help.

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  • Diabetes

Diabetes is partially genetic and partially a lifestyle disease. While you could be at high risk of inheriting diabetes if a part of your family has it, you can still delay it for a long time if you follow a healthy lifestyle. Fat around the abdomen that suffocates the organs inside is deadly for diabetes, hence you must keep your abdomen absolutely fat free.

Simple exercises can keep you healthy and fit around your stomach and hence keep diabetes away. Here is something that you can do even at your house -

Abdominal fat

  • Body pain/arthritis

Arthritis can be ruled out if your joints and muscles are at a constant move and thereby keep getting fueled and lubricated. Now you might think that exercising causes body pain, but that's only in the initial days. Once your muscles get habituated to enduring that extra wear and tear, you are good to go. Post that, your body will feel healthier than ever and crave for more every day! 

Here is a yoga session focused on arthritis.

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  • Dementia

No, there is no perfect cure for dementia, or a perfect precaution. Though what we do know is that the perfect blood circulation can help your body perform better not only in the physical world, but also highly improve the mental and cognitive functions. Don't you feel so much better after a tiring day at the gym or an intense cardio session at the park? A healthy body manifests a healthy mind. 

Here is a Ted Talk on how exercise helps your mental health.

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  • Obesity

Obesity is a disease that leads to many more diseases and must be kept far, far away. While the reason for obesity is not always your lifestyle but can also depend highly on your genes, a balanced workout routine can help in in making the condition a lot better. Good exercising coupled with a healthy diet can make you fitter and healthier even if your genes turn all the odds against you. 

PCOS [Polycystic Ovary Syndrome] is a very common problem these days that women suffer greatly from. It makes your body resist losing weight, putting you in a viscous circle. Healthy eating, resisting sugary food, and working out regularly can help making your PCOS better. 

Know more about it here.

So now you know what great benefits exercising comes with, along with looking kickass in anything you wear. Here's to making better life choices!

Written by:

Akanksha Mehta

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