Presenting our ambassadors, athletes and customers, ie, all of #skyriatribe under one roof! This segment is for everyone who believes in, supports, and loves Skyria. Scroll down to read inspiring stories of our ambassadors and rousing journeys of our athletes, followed by a showcase of all the love you shower on us on Instagram. #skyriatribe is what keeps us thriving - you're the inspiration for every new design, every new idea that Skyria comes up with.

Let's celebrate each other together!

Brand Ambassadors

Aerial Yoga Artist

A professional aerial yoga artist, and the founder of her own aerial yoga institute Studio Naach...

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Nayana James

Indian Long Jump Athlete

Nayana James has in the past represented India in the Asian and Commonwealth games. She also brought home laurels...

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Latika Bhandari

Indian Taekwondo Athlete

A shining name in the national Taekwondo scenario is that of Latika Bhandari. Her best being a world ranking of 19...

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Kamna Arora

Professional Dancer

Kamna Arora is a professional dancer, and also the founder of YellowStripe Dance Academy. Trained at Shiamak Davar's Academy...

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Nithyashree Ananda

Indian Track Athlete

Nithyashree Ananda had India brimming with pride when she secured a gold and a silver in the 4×400m relay and...

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Rounak Guliya

Fitness Trainer
A professional wrestler, Three times National medal holder, Six-time state champion title winner...

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Supraja Prasad

Fitness Trainer

I learnt Bharatanatyam for over 18 years and was always active, so never had to worry about my intake or my weight or my strength

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Himashree Roy

Track Athlete

Our school used to host a lot of athletic events, and I used to watch international level players in my vicinity quite often. I was in class 2


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