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A spoonful of confidence is all that is needed to boost your self image exponentially, and as a result,  set you on the journey of embracing yourself in your truest, rawest, form. There is no yardstick for being your natural best, for beauty is water - free size, and fluid.

 This is the spirit behind these gems from our brand new TRu collection, a life sized cake which has a slice for everyone!

  1. For the yoga maiden

To each his own, they say, and we couldn't agree more! If you're the yoga enthusiast of the group, and have been practicing it for a while now, you would know that a good pair of leggings go a long, long way! This super stretchable, ultra soft goodness is the star recommendation –

 Skyria Athena Mesh Leggings

Skyria Athena Mesh Leggings

  1. For the morning stroll

Running is great form of exercise, as it uses most of your muscles and hence gives you a tip to toe workout. The added comfort of a good playlist and the perfect pair of trackpants or shorts is bound to make your jog way more pleasant.

Skyria Blythe Track Pants

Skyria Blythe Track Pants

  1. For the wintery gym sessions

If you can get up and drag yourself to the gym every day, you're capable of anything! Allow us a mere assistance in the form of these pullovers and jackets, useful when the weather gets a tad bit chilly. Your gear should be equally representative of your determination, shouldn't it?

Skyria Bomber Jacket

Skyria Cosmo Bomber Jacket

  1. For the ultimate support

Every woman has a love-hate relationship with bras. To cancel the hate out, we have come out with these super trendy and comfortable sports bras seasoned to be your all weather companion. The varied styles are unique to say the least, and again, there's one for everyone!

Skyria Soiree Sports Bra

Skyria Soiree Sports Bra

  1. All of us, for all of you

No more adjusting to the non inclusive crap, the TRu(e) collection adjusts for you, and embraces you on your sad days and your happy days, on your fit days and your cheat days. Sizes range from XS to XXL, because everyone deserves their perfect fitness companion.

Be the Fierce, Feminine and TRu(e) you!


By- Akanksha Mehta

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