How to stay healthy during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The Prime Minister's nation wide call for a 'Janata Curfew' comes at a time when the Novel Coronavirus seems to have graduated from the status of an outbreak to an epidemic to a pandemic. What this implies is that it is the time to cancel out all carelessness and be extremely cautious and informed at all times. As the disease is extremely communicable, you are only at a lesser chance of contracting it if you maintain the utmost precaution. As a part of doing our bit, we have listed down below all you need to know about staying healthy and also functional in the coming few days.

Covid-19 current status 

  • Look beyond the present

Take everything into consideration. In the time of a crisis this big, you need to have a little foresight and you must try to predict situations beforehand. All these people are stockpiling for a good reason! You should have at least 20 days worth supply with you just in case you need it. You might also be in a high risk location such as metropolitans or port cities, and in that case you must be extremely speculative about every little physical contact in the coming 2-3 weeks.

Masks and Sanitizers to protect from Corona Virus 

Stay true to the clichés

The World Health Organisation has issued a list of guidelines that should be followed to avoid contracting the virus. Washing your hands with soap and water makes the virus slip off from your hands, and sanitizers should only be used when there is no soap available. Maintain a respiratory hygiene, cough and sneeze into your elbow if you don't have a handkerchief. Inculcate a habit of not touching your face, specially the nose and mouth area. You can read the complete guidelines here -

 Advice for General Public by World Health Organisation.

Hand wash and sanitizers for protectionQuarantine yourself to the maximum possibility

We don't realise the enormity of a catastrophe unless it happens to us or around us. Do not wait for a dreadful event to occur. If you haven't got a mask already now is the time to do it. Stay away from places with a large number of people. The government has done its duty by shutting down movie halls, malls, and public places. It's time you did yours by avoiding crowded spaces like local trains and metros, if possible. If not, the safe way to travel is to wear a mask and disposable surgical gloves throughout your travel time. Once off, dispose of the gloves. Get these here -

 Things to buy from amazonPowerful nutrients will defend you

It's time to put all of your stay at home to some good use. Research about what nutrients help build up your immune system and consume them in wholesome amounts. Vitamin C is known to build up our immunity against diseases. It is being widely advised to consume vitamin C tablets, but only resort to that if you do not have the natural source available. Consume foods high in roughage and zinc. This is the time that you want your body to be at its functional best to ward off the evil. A few pointers to keep in mind are -

  1. Consume more water.
  2. Reduce sugar intake to a minimum
  3. If you are a smoker, now is the time to join the patch sisters and try to quit.
  4. Consume probiotics. We need all the good bacteria.
  5. Your body needs to be physically healthy and well prepared.

 Know more about building your immunity here -

This is how you can boost your immunity

Don't let closed gyms deter you

In the time of this crisis, you are your only saving grace. Don't let your body and fitness goals succumb to the quarantine and keep working out, but at your home. A change in diet is needed as well, as since you're using less calories, you need to eat lesser calories. Simple workout routines will keep your body fuelled and your joints oiled. Here is something simple that works across ages -

 Indoor workout during social distancing


Do not panic. Why? Because the world is in this together! All countries, leaders, and ethnicities have joined hands to try and put an end to this. Vaccines are being formulated and tested every now and then. We might come up with a solution quite soon. Till then, it is the time to stay safe, and also to keep safe the elderly people around you, since they are more prone to this virus. Fatalities that have occurred have a high percentage of older people. Now is the time to take care of your parents and other elders in your family.

Stay safe!


By- Akanksha Mehta

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