Fitness in the Quarantine: Your Guide to The Perfect Home Workout Plan

What could be the best way to kill the quarantine? A home workout plan! The COVID-19 pandemic has tied all of us to our homes whether we like it or not, but this might be a blessing in disguise. That's right! Gather your agenda, and mark Day 1 to your brand new, personal workout zone.

Start new thing during quarantine like home workout

The essentials to a good workout at home is a feasible plan that helps you check your goals in time. What we recommend is a rigorous 3 month workout plan, with at least a dedicated 5 days exercise routine to fit in your week. Not only will a plan keep you regulated, but will make you lose those extra inches in no time!

Now, zeroing on the basics.

How to prepare a proper home workout routine?

Analyse, curate, execute. Take the quarantine as an opportunity. Direct your free energy towards making yourself the best full body home workout program, one that includes

  1. recipes for pre-workout drinks (Green tea, turmeric water work really well!). Taste + aesthetic = pure bliss. Now if you're the kind that needs breakfast right away, we recommend you workout in the evening. A two hour fasting window is a must before exercising.
  2. a fitness playlist that consists of songs that pump you up. Here's a great bollywood workout playlist for you.
  3. and a customized 30 minute home exercise plan suited according to your body type and age.

Here's a detailed video to help you prepare just right for your home workout -

 The next step would be to plan the workout. What are some quarantine friendly exercises that you can do within the four walls of your room? We're here to walk you through it.

1)Yoga as a full body burnout.

Your healthy diet is bound to take a backseat in this pandemic, since social distancing has resulted in most of the markets being closed. Hence, the way out would be to focus more on exercising and practice a home workout plan  that includes a full body burnout. If you're a beginner, yoga would be great to start with as it is a no equipment workout. If you're a regular, your 5 day home workout routine could start with a few yogic stretches each day.

This video will guide you through it

Do you know what makes a home workout fun? Attire that makes you agile and brings out the best in you! These leggings are our personal favourite activewear for women -

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2) A 30 minute cardio abs workout at home

Now that yoga has put your body in the workout zone, a cardio workout routine will get them summer abs showing, and tone you for the summer. Exercises for women tend to ignore hardcore cardio sessions, but trust us, all of these elements are needed to make a wholesome home workout routine. The moment you find the determination, you will find Skyria holding out just the right activewear for your workout! This sports bra will support you throughout the rigorous workout -

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Cardio exercises are great for full body toning and must be included in your home workout. All assistance regarding a good cardio workout for women will be provided in this video

3) Zumba/Aerobics full body workout

With routines like zumba and aerobics, your home workout plan can also be directed towards the specifics. Even better efficiency can be achieved if your 5 day workout plan is segregated into

  • Lower body workout
  • chest workout, and
  • arm exercises,

thus strengthening you to the core. Here is some best women's activewear that would work really well in a zumba session -

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Apart from strengthening, zumba is also great for weight loss. If you're a newbie, a full body workout for beginners is what you should start with.

4) HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is a quick and easy workout that can be a great exercise for weight loss, as it is known to be a high fat burning  program. Another great form of a no equipment home workout, your exercise plan must include some high intensity training sessions like these to get each muscle working. What would complement a determined workout spirit is gear that stands by you throughout the wear and tear. Skyria has some great options in activewear for women in India that we're certain will work great -

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HIIT workouts must be done right, and in the view of that, you must gather all the information you need before you start implementing your home workout plan. Get enlightened here -

Sometimes, a spoonful of inspiration is the fuel we need to keep going. As an added effort to keep your motivation sturdy and will strong, Skyria has compiled a video that showcases these amazing women killing it with various forms of home workouts  within the boundaries of their homes, because we #neverpresspause

Exercising is known to boost your immunity and make you strong from the inside, which is exactly what we need to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Keep exercising, be fit, and stay safe!

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